Kids Healthy-Eating Coaching Session


Our Healthy Eating Summer Program for Kids is available during the months of July & August.

It is a parent/child class that has been designed to foster a fun environment where parent and child can bond while learning new ideas for healthy meals and meal prepping.

Baking and cooking can be both creative and fun and can be a wonderful way to teach children about the benefits of the food they eat.

During this coaching session, you and your child will spend valuable time in the kitchen creating healthy and delicious meals, as well as wonderful memories.



  • Tasks are created so that each child can safely enjoy the cooking experience and create the meal with confidence.
  • Your child will learn where their food comes from, how it grows and how best to enjoy it.
  • Sessions are held in one-on-one or a group format that brings food alive.
  • Ingredients are NOT included.
  • A shopping list of ingredients will be provided prior to the coaching session.


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