Integrative Nutrition Coaching Session


Visits are available over the phone or video call such as Skype. We offer in-person consults upon request in the areas of San Diego and Murrieta, CA. You will be able to meet your wellness coach in person for an additional $25 fee.

What’s included:

  • A 1-hour consultation with a health coach via phone or Skype
  • Comprehensive pre-consultation health history questionnaire
  • Dietary assessment
  • Meal recipes
  • Food list
  • Personalized nutrition suggestions
  • Tips and advice to meet your needs
  • Resources and handouts


We practice a holistic approach to health and wellness. During this 1-hour consultation, we take the time to discuss your health history, your diet and how all areas of your life are connected, for instance, does stress at your job or in your relationships cause you to overeat? Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising?

During this session, we will evaluate your goals and discuss where you are in regards to what you want to accomplish.

Our goal is to make you feel confident and excited about your wellness journey, we want to make sure your plan is designed to help you achieve your goals. We will make an effort to provide any support you may need as you pursue a life filled with health and wellness. 

Prior to this consultation, please take the time to fill out a health history questionnaire form and nutritional assessment and send it back to us so that we may prepare for your consultation.