28-Day Food Elimination Support Program


Although elimination diets are restricting, there are still plenty of options to make nutritious and delicious meals.

If you have a food sensitivity or allergies and are ready to remove these inflammatory foods from your lifestyle, then this is the plan for you. 

Our 28-day plan focuses on crowding out inflammatory foods and bringing in nutrient-dense meals that will help your body heal. Our program will provide the support you need and will help you stay on track. *Please download our health history questionnaire prior to your first consultation.


  • 1-hour initial consultation to go over your diet and health history
  • Comprehensive pre-consultation health history questionnaire
  • Personalized nutrition suggestions
  • 2 additional consultations during the length of the program to discuss your progress
  • Email support so you can get answers in between your sessions
  • Guidance & support on keeping a food journal
  • Guidance & support during the food elimination process
  • Food label interpretation
  • 1 Cooking session
  • Food substitution list
  • Personalized meal suggestions
  • Meal recipes



This program is for you if:

  • You have food allergies and sensitivities and are advised to do an elimination diet by your doctor
  • You are ready, willing, and able to implement dietary changes
  • You are willing to prepare most of your food from scratch
  • You are ready to commit for 28 days


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