Cleansing & Detox Coaching Session


Visits are available over the phone or video call such as Skype. We offer in-person consults in the areas of San Diego and Murrieta, CA upon request. You can meet your wellness coach in person for an additional $25 fee.

Your Cleansing & Detox Coaching Session includes:

  • 60-minute consultation with your health and wellness coach where you can learn how to juice, the best way to store your juices and where to purchase them.
  • 3 Day detox shopping list
  • 3 Day detox juicing suggestions
  • Herbal tea recommendation, depending on your goals for wellness 

All recommendations are suggestions based on your health and wellness goals. We advise that you always consult with your doctor for best results.



Our detox and cleansing coaching sessions are put together to provide you with guidance on best practices and tips to put your meals, smoothies, and juices together to be able to follow your protocol put together by your wellness coach.

You must have a nutritional assessment done prior to purchasing this service.