Nutrilishus for kids

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Check out our 3 different programs

Cleansing from Sugar Program

Our program focuses on bringing healthier choices to the table which will allow the child to have access to natural nutrient-dense meals and snacks that will help them thrive.

Throughout the program, we introduce ways to crowd out processed foods with added coloring and sugars. We provide guidance for the family and the tools needed for promoting healthy habits.

Family Nutrition Program

This program is for families who feel that their family nutrition is not aligned with what they want for their children. 

If you feel that your child’s diet is not contributing to their health and overall wellbeing, then we are here to help. Our family nutrition program focuses on your family’s lifestyle, dynamics, food sensitivities, or allergies as well as your goals for you and your family members.

Child Advanced Program

This program was developed to help children who have a medical diagnosis adapt to a meal plan that helps them thrive understanding the importance of their new eating habits.

We focus on guiding the parents on how to best help their child transition into the dietary changes as well as helping them build their child’s lifestyle around healthier choices.

What’s on the menu?

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Naturally nutrient-rich, fruit and veggie snacks help children close critical nutrient gaps. For children and adults alike, eating more fruit and vegetable snacks is one of the smartest food moves you can make.

As you move forward in making positive changes to better your health, it is important to look around your environment, your home, and into your daily routine to identify areas that need improvement so that you work on making the necessary changes to achieve your goals.
“Your daily routine is a good start and your kitchen is a great starting point.

It’s not about making too many changes at once, as it should be a natural process and it shouldn’t feel like “Work”. These lifestyle changes should feel good and empower you. As you move forward and make progress, you will start to feel as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and the path to a better YOU will become more clear.

At the beginning of this journey, we will encourage you towards positive changes, such as filtering your water, choosing cleaning products free of harmful chemicals, and when it comes to food containers, we highly recommend our clients to choose glass over plastic.