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Reducing The Toxic Load

As you move forward in making positive changes to better your health, it is important to look around your environment, your home, and into your daily routine to identify areas that need improvement so that you work on making the necessary changes to achieve your goals.
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Most powerful tool in managing our health

Nutrition that includes healthy nutritional food is powerful. I believe it is the most amazing tool for managing our health.

Currently, many of us struggle with depression, autoimmune conditions, toxicity, cancer, and numerous health concerns. We often become overwhelmed with the number of diets available and the contradictory opinions provided by doctors and media. This can be frustrating and debilitating. Particularly when we lack the adequate tools in understanding which food is right for us.

I completely understand how people can easily become discouraged with using diet for health. Many individuals will mention that it is costly, time-consuming, and overwhelming.

A perfect example is demonstrated by the many people that follow diets in order to lose weight and accomplish physical satisfaction, although this is a wonderful pursuit, many individuals don’t see the results they desire and quickly become discouraged.

Personally, I have struggled with diet for years. After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s I learned that in order to manage my health I needed to implement a gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and low sugar diet. Little did I know, that soon after I would be diagnosed with Favism and in turn have to eliminate legumes from my diet. Will I even be able to eat? I thought.

Today, I look back on the diagnoses and I am humbled and very grateful to have come this far. I am still learning, but I feel like I am finally finding the balance with a diet that fits my needs.

Due to my experiences and the way I have seen food heal and nourish loved ones, I truly believe that many health concerns and disease can be reversed or controlled with an adequate diet.

Instead of becoming frustrated and lost in the world of nutrition I highly want to encourage you to get to know your body.

Here are the steps that helped me understand my health concerns and reach a balanced nutritional plan:

  1. Genetics
  2. Appropriate blood testing
  3. Finding the right medical practitioner
  4. Understanding your gut
  5. Detoxing
  6. Results take time
  7. learning to love your body
  8. It is time to meal prep!