Reducing The Toxic Load

As you move forward in making positive changes to better your health, it is important to look around your environment, your home, and into your daily routine to identify areas that need improvement so that you work on making the necessary changes to achieve your goals.

“Your daily routine is a good start and your kitchen is a great starting point.

It’s not about making too many changes at once, as it should be a natural process and it shouldn’t feel like “Work”. These lifestyle changes should feel good and empower you. As you move forward and make progress, you will start to feel as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and the path to a better YOU will become more clear.

At the beginning of this journey, we will encourage you towards positive changes, such as filtering your water, choosing cleaning products free of harmful chemicals, and when it comes to food containers, we highly recommend our clients to choose glass over plastic.

Most importantly, if you enroll in one of our programs, you will most likely be increasing your water intake. We’d like to encourage you to start drinking water from a glass container rather than choosing the convenience of water bottles.  

Recent studies have shown that there are plastic particles found in bottled water, and as a result of these findings, the World Health Organization is to launch a review into potential risks of plastic in drinking water.

You may read the full scientific report here.

Making sure that your home is free of toxins will be part of the process, and maybe you will realize that there is more to do. So start by taking a look at some of the products you use in your home and making sure that they are not contributing to adding toxins for you and your family.


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